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NonProfit Career Board

The NPT Career Board was rated as One of the TOP 7 places to find a Non Profit Job online by Forbes.

3 Things About Alternative Investments

The need for a diversified investment portfolio is a good-to-have that is so fundamental to how many of us view wealth, that the phrase is constantly repeated in advertisements for wealth-management services. What’s good for your retirement savings is also good for your organization, according to Melisa F. Galasso, director of Audit Professional Practices at […]

Recurring Revenue Found In Sustainer Donors

Monthly giving programs have been on the rise, thanks in part to consumers getting used to automatic monthly payments, for things ranging from electric bills to streaming video services. David Ballinger, online fundraising and advocacy manager for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), shared his organization’s experiences with monthly giving during “Sustainers: Everyone Wants Them […]

Data Shows Donors Recurring Faster Than Expected

In an age of shrinking donor universe, recurring donors have become the holy grail of fundraising, more valuable than most any other type of donor. A new report indicates that they might be even more valuable than just their monthly gift and fundraisers might not have to fear reaching out too often to ask. Almost […]

Recognizing And Avoiding Fundraiser Burnout

Burnout is prevalent among fundraisers. There are statistics showing that in some cases a fundraiser lasts barely more than a year on a position. There are signs of burnout, or not burning out. Danielle Collins, ACC, NBC-HWC, a wellness coach, nonprofit consultant and head of Primavera Consulting in Sacramento, Calif., walked attendees through the signs […]

6 Ways Of Beating The Stress Of Donor Acquisition

Donor acquisition is a stressful initiative for many nonprofit fundraisers. Organizations often operate from a position of scarcity and acquisition efforts tend to be costly with less-than-inspiring returns on investment. Where there is difficulty, however, there is also opportunity. Tough margins mean that every little improvement can make a big difference. With that challenge and […]

AICPA Issues Q&A on Direct Care of Collection Items

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has issued non-authoritative guidance on the definition of direct care of collections to help nonprofits implement the Financial Standards Accounting Board (FASB) Accounting Standards Update No. 2019-03. “The requirements of the new FASB standard provide latitude in the way an entity with a collection chooses to spend the proceeds […]

$15 Million Planned For Nonprofit Security

California governor and presidential hopeful Gavin Newsom said the state will spend an additional $15 million to help with security at what he called “soft targets” such as houses of worship and nonprofits at higher risk due to ideology. The money would be included in the state’s general fund budget proposal slated to be submitted […]

Crisis Communication Before The Crisis

The call from a reporter to Hillsides, a foster care and mental health charity in Pasadena, Calif., set in motion a communications plan that resulted in more than 132.5 million impressions via media outlets from content developed and owned by the nonprofit. The organization was able to strengthen its reputation, increase brand awareness, inform people […]

Study: Philanthropists, Nonprofits Exclude People With Disabilities

Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of people who work in the social sector say their organizations have made a public commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and have policies that prohibit their groups from denying people with disabilities equal opportunity to participate in services and activities. Yet, a new study shows that most tax-exempt organizations […]

Online Giving Flat In 2018, Open Rates Dropped

Online revenue grew by an average of just 1 percent last year, down from 23 percent growth in 2017 and the first time in 13 years of the M+R Benchmarks Study that growth was in the single digits. The 71-page report, released today, analyzed 4.4 million emails sent to 37.5 million email addresses, more than […]